Posted by: trevormeers | January 28, 2010

40 Hours In You-Betcha-Ville

Dateline: Brainerd, Minn. – The 10 Most Interesting Things said in my general vicinity during my less-than-two-day jaunt in the Minnesota North Woods.

“Did Jim get hit by a plow?”
“That’s what I heard.”
–    Radio chatter in Brainerd Area Taxi Service cab. 11:45pm Monday

“Hi, I’m Janet. I handle the maintenance around here.”
–    Greeting from the driver of a truck plowing snow near a cross-country ski trailhead. 9:30am Tuesday

“A Bobcat is the best investment you can make. If you run it one day a month, it pays for itself.”
–    Tip from the Council of Old Men sitting at the next table at the Pine Peaks Café. 8:15am Wednesday

“With Bob gone, you can just shut down that salad bar.”
–    Tip from the Council of Old Men to the waitress at the Pine Peaks Café. 8:29am Wednesday

“You can go exploring, you know, to look at houses and things, but there may be streams flowing in that are making open water. So you’re kind of at your own risk.”
–    Parting words from snowmobile wrangler sending me out onto 12-mile long Gull Lake on a rental sled. 12:30pm Tuesday

“We just got back from 2, 3 weeks in Arizona.”
“You’re gonna’ wind up buying a house down there.”
“No, I like the ice fishing too much.”
–    Overheard from the back of the flight into Brainerd. 10:20pm Monday

“Summer just gets going in June, then it’s August and the trees start changing.”
–    Shuttle driver explaining summer in northern Minnesota. 8:30am Tuesday

“The high tomorrow will be right around that big donut.”
–    Radio weather guy forecasting a high of zero. 8:07am Wednesday

“Boy, I don’t know.”
–    Northwest ticket agent explaining what she can do to find my luggage that has been lost in transit for almost 24 hours. 2:15pm Tuesday

“Your last name?”
“Didn’t you just get your luggage?”
–    Northwest ticket agent checking passengers as I prepare to depart Brainerd. 2:55pm Wednesday


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