Posted by: trevormeers | August 13, 2012

Haiku On The Hudson

Dave Thomas gets the credit for turning me into an occasional poet. When the founder of Wendy’s passed away years ago, a couple of co-workers decided to launch a contest to write the best haiku memorializing the burger baron. You know, haiku. The Japanese poetry form that consists of three lines.

First line: 5 syllables.
Second line: 7 syllables.
Third line: 5 syllables.

At least, that’s the version that’s been passed on to me. You’d probably have to be an English major to understand why we found this an entertaining office game. Since I was (or was at least an English minor), it’s stuck with me. The restrictions of haiku force you to get creative with your word choice and storytelling, so I occasionally play around with it like a chef trying a new ingredient, even when I’m not mourning a fast-food icon.

This week, I spent a few days in New York City, which always inspires observations worth retelling. So I dusted off the old haiku pen and recorded a few lines as salutes to the way of life in New York, which never fails to produce good material.

Bones of old el train
Add plants: A park in the sky
They call it “Highline”

Colleague sees sunset
Asks: “What direction is that?”
Time to get out more

What’s your house back home?
Three acres and starry skies
New York price: $1 mill

Iowa State Fair
New York guy wants first-time tips
Does “Big Boar” translate?

Manhattan cab ride
Why not so scary these days?
I’ve been to Haiti

Ping pong club; who knew?
Sweat-soaked dudes crushing orange balls
Next stop: air hockey

Turtle sips park air
Below the Gotham towers
Mud bank as wormhole


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